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Belgian company costs
Who can make use of Belgian Company Costs ?
Who can make use of Belgian Company Costs ?

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Who exactly can benefit from those rules ?

The managers, administrators and workers of Belgian companies.

The legal type of company does not matter, so it can be a SRL, SA or SCRL...

Please note : you must be officially and formally registered with the company.
Ordinary shareholders with no official role are not entitled to the "Company Costs".

Likewise, the subcontractors of your company cannot receive compensation.
It is up to them to produce formal invoices for you.

Is it authorized for non-profit organizations?

Yes. ASBL's can use this mechanism for their administrators and also for employees.

Is it authorized for self-employees ?

No, we are sorry :(
Although, self-employees can use it for their own employees.

Is it authorized for my wife, husband or children ?

Yes, if they are administrator of the company.
Do you have a little congress in Marrakech next month ?
You can definitely go with your wife ... AND HOP ... deductions for everyone :)

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