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How can I register variable company costs ?
How can I register variable company costs ?
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Now, you understood that you can benefit from Fixed Company Costs by optimizing your contract. Do you want good news ??
You can deduce more :D

Why do we make the difference between FIXED and VARIABLE ?

Just because it's the law ... Ok it does not really make sense, but some are flat monthly rate, some has to be justifier day by day.
Now, let us see how to reduce your taxes as much as possible.

How to quickly register a variable Company Cost ?

Step 1 : Press "Add a Company Cost"
Step 2 : Select the one that applies to you
Step 3 : Add the date and a comment

Then how can I get the money and slash my taxes ?

At any time, you have access to your monthly summary (which you can modify if needed). At the end of the month, you can close the period. From this moment, it will no longer be possible to add expenses.

You will receive an automatic email from TwinnTax, with the summary of your costs.
Enter this expense report like any other invoice and pay all fees at the same time.
It's that simple !

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